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The is one of the Best Stun Guns for Women.

Trigger Stun Gun 18MV Rechargeable.

If someone takes it from you and the wrist strap is on your wrist, the disable pin comes out disarming the stun feature.

High amerage 4.8 milliamps.

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Question: Do you need to touch the attacker with the stun gun or does it work from a distance?

Answer: Yes, you will need to touch the person with the metal probes on the top of the stun gun on order for it to be effective.  


Question: Can the Trigger stun gun be attached to a keychain?

Answer: No, not directly. However, the Trigger stun gun, as well as the vast majority of our stun guns, come with a nylon holster with a belt loop.


Question: Is there a safety on the Trigger stun gun?

Answer: Yes, the Trigger stun gun comes with a disable pin attached to a wrist strap. The disable pin is meant to be plugged into the bottom of the stun gun, and the strap is worn around one’s wrist when they are holding the stun gun. This way, if an assailant ever managed to take the stun gun away from you, the disable pin will be forcibly unplugged, rendering the “stun” feature inoperable. With this safety feature, the assailant will not be able to use the stun gun against you, if this worst case scenario ever became a reality.


Question: How often do I need to charge the Trigger stun gun, and for how long?

Answer: The instructional manual that comes with the stun gun upon purchase will provide additional information regarding such questions, though the majority of our stun guns (including the Trigger) should be charged once a month for 6-8 hours (never more than 8 hours).


Question: Will the Trigger stun gun work through clothing?

Answer: Yes, stun guns were designed to be able to penetrate typical clothing.


Question: What is the difference between the Trigger stun gun and the Runt stun gun?

Answer: The first difference is the voltage—the Runt stun gun is 20 million volts, whereas the Trigger stun gun is 18 million volts. Also, the trigger itself is also different for both stun guns—in order to dispel the charge for the Runt stun gun, you simply press a button, whereas the Trigger stun gun’s “trigger” is activated by tightening one’s grip on the entire device.


Question: How can a stun gun be so effective yet non-injurious?

Answer: The stun gun does not depend upon impact, pain or body penetration to achieve its effect. Its pulsating electrical output interferes with communication between the brain and the muscular system, resulting in loss of control. However, the stun gun is non-destructive to nerves, muscles and other body elements. It simply affects them in their natural mode.


Question: Will a stun gun work on those under the influence of stimulants?

Answer: Yes, stun guns do indeed work even on those under the power of alcohol or narcotics.


Question: How long does it take to immobilize someone with a stun gun?

Answer: As a general rule, a one-half second contact from a stun gun will repel and startle the attacker, giving some pain and muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. Over three seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation. Essentially, however, you should hold your stun gun to the assailant until they drop and you can get away and call the police, whether that may be one second or six seconds.


Question: How does a stun gun stop an attacker?

Answer: Stun guns are designed to key into the nervous system. They dump their energy into the muscles at a different frequency than the pulse waves emanating from the brain. The pulse waves coming from the brain and those from the stun gun collide at the nerve synapse' which is a type of complex processing switch adjacent to each muscle group. The resulting energy collision makes it difficult for an attacker to move and function. This causes disorientation and loss of balance and leaves the attacker in a passive and confused condition for several minutes. Still, stun guns have no significant effect on the heart and other organs.


Question: What is a stun gun?

Answer: A stun gun is an electrical non-lethal self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs on the stun gun quickly immobilizes the attacker.


Question: Will the voltage pass from the assailant to the person holding the stun gun?

Answer: The electrical shock that emits from the stunning device will not pass from the person being stunned to the person doing the stunning. The effect is localized only in the affected area and does not pass through the body. Even if you or the attacker are wet or standing in water, you will not be shocked.


Question: Will test firing a stun gun damage the unit?

Answer: Test-firing your stun device is recommended to ensure battery life as well as practice using the stun gun. However, it is recommended not to test fire the unit more than a second or two. Firing the stun gun in the air for too long can damage the unit as it is not grounded. This does not apply when you are applying the unit to an assailant, however, because the stun gun is then grounded out on the person being stunned.


Question: Why would I need more than one self-defense product?

Answer: Very simple. It is for the same reason as having more than one telephone at home. Why would anyone need more than one telephone in the same house? It is because when a telephone rings, you usually will have about 10-15 seconds to locate the phone and respond to it. Most people do not want to miss a phone call. It is their priority to answer the phone before the last ring. Therefore, they will place as many telephones as they can afford all over the house. An average middle class family will have one telephone in the living room, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. If answering a simple phone call is such a high priority in the house, what about stopping an intruder? You probably will have to locate the self-defense weapon within 10-15 seconds or even less. How would you rate that priority? And more importantly, how would you price it? We strongly believe, when it comes to you and your loved ones, safety is priceless.