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Slider Stun Guns

Smallest Stun Gun In The World

 This Tiny Stun Gun can STOP an attacker and SAVE your life!

The Slider Stun Gun Flashlight Combo is 10 million volts and 4.9 millamps of stun power!


This miniture stun gun looks like a flashdrive or memory stick.

The Slider stun gun is inconspicious and effective.

Move the on/off switch to the on position, then with your thumb, hold the button down for a bright flashlight. Should you need to protect or defend yourself, slide the button forward and 'zap', this small powerful stun gun will unleash 10 million volts of electrical current or Stun Power to stop an assailant!

Joggers - carry this light weight personal security device with you while jogging.

  • The Slider Stun Gun is easy to carry
  • The Slider Stun Gun can light your way on a dark path with the 100 lumen flashlight
  • The Slider Stun Gun can scare off stray dogs or wild animals with just the sound of the 'zap'
  • The Slider Stun Gun can save your life 

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