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Are these pink stun guns strong?

Yes, the voltages of a pink flashlight stun gun combo can range from 3 million volts to 20 million volts. The higher the voltage, the faster it will thrust the current into the attacker causing them pain and discomfort. All of these can knock down an assailant. Many people carry these powerful stun guns for women for personal protection.

What happens to the person that gets touched with a stun gun?

An electrical shock will go through the attackers’ body causing their muscles to freeze up and can knock them to the floor and even cause them to loose consciousness. Their mind works but their muscles don’t.

How close do you need to be with a stun gun?

You need to touch the person with the stun gun. Most can go through ½ inch of clothing, so you do not need to touch their skin. It can put a hole in their clothes! These cute little pink stun guns for women are extremely effective!!

How far do you think an attacker will be from you?

Most ‘attackers’ will be in arms length from you, so they will be within your reach so you can touch with a stun gun.

How long do you need to touch a person with a stun gun to knock them out?

It depends on the size of the person and the strength of the stun gun. The bigger the person, the longer you may need to hold the stun gun on them. The higher the voltage and amperage, the faster it can take an assailant down. Many attackers will run away from just the noise of the stun gun. They don’t want to get stunned.

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Do stun guns work on animals?

Most animals are afraid of the noise the stun gun emits. They will run away from the noise so you don’t even have to touch them. Many people carry powerful pink stun guns to protect themselves and their dog from an attack by another animal. If you’re walking with your dog and have to use the stun gun, make sure you hold tight to the leash of your dog so your dog won’t bolt away from the noise of the stun gun.

Are stun guns legal?

Most states do allow stun guns. Some do not. Check with your local authority for stun gun restrictions or requirements in your area.

Is a Stun Gun the same as a Taser?

No. A Taser shoots out 2 probes that must make contact with a body to be effective. If only one probe goes in, the stopping power of the Taser will not work. A Stun Gun does not shoot any probes out. The stun power is at the end of the stun gun where you can see the arc of the electrical current going back a forth the metal prongs when the stun feature is activated.

How long will the stun gun flashlight pink combo stay charged?

The stun gun will hold the charge for a few months, pending how often the flashlight and stun features are used.

How long can I leave my stun gun plugged in for when charging it?

Most stun guns should not be left plugged in longer than 8 hours. It will shorten the life of the battery if left in longer than this time. The pink Slider Stun Gun should not be left plugged in longer than 4 hours. Check the instructions for details on each pink stun gun model for information concerning that particular model.

Are additional disable pins available for the Runt and Trigger models?

Yes. There are a variety of safety disable pins available for sale on our website.

Is there an age requirement for possessing a stun gun?

Most states require that the person purchasing the stun gun be 18 years of age or older. Some states will allow a person to possess a stun gun at age 16 with a written note from a parent or legal guardian. Check your local area for restrictions in your area.

Where is the best place to stun a person?

The best place on an attackers body is face, neck, chest, stomach or the back side of a leg. The ‘soft’ and ‘sensitive’ areas of the body are more vulnerable to the effects of the stun feature.