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Does this stun gun really look like a lipstick?

Most people think that a stun gun looks like a stun gun. Not so with these rechargeable lipstick stun guns. They look like a purse perfume canister, small eyeglasses case or a large tube of lipstick. This small compact lipstick style is discreet and can give a women the element of surprise should she need to defend herself from an attacker. Buy lipstick stun guns for women in your life.

How do these work? Simple.

The green button is for the strong 100 lumen flashlight. She’ll always have a light available when she needs it.

The red button is for the stun feature. Think of it this way, red is danger…so when in danger, the red button will zap the attacker with 3 million volts of agonizing pain. It can knock them out for a few seconds or up to 30 minutes. It depends on where you hit them with the ‘stun’. The best places to aim for on an assailants body is their face, neck, or soft spots on a body. And, hold it on their body as long as you can. The attacker will most likely jump back when the charge of the stun gun hits them. So, don’t just tap the small lipstick stun gun on them and pull back – punch/push further than just the surface of the attackers body. The longer you hold it on the attacker, the longer they will be knocked out – giving you time to get away and get to a safe place.

How can I purchase a lipstick stun gun?

Pick the color of your choice and click on the image below.

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How much voltage is needed to take down an attacker?

Our tiny lipstick stun guns for sale have enough ‘punch’ to take down a large adult person. It’s the amperage that takes them down. The voltage pushes the current or amperage into a body causing the muscles to freeze up. Their brain works, but not their muscles. These rechargeable stun guns have 4.2 milliamps of stun power. Powerful enough to take down a grown man!

How often do I need to charge it?

The stun gun will hold the charge for a few months (pending how often you use it). We recommend that you charge it once a month to keep the unit at its highest operating potential. Test the stun feature in the air, no longer than quick one second burst. (There is nowhere for the current to go when you zap it in the air. The unit can get too hot if it’s held ‘on stun mode’ in the air for longer than one second. HOWEVER, if you are attacked, hold it on the assailant as long as you can! The longer it’s on them, the longer they will be knocked out!) Back to the recharging information--If it doesn’t have a quick and loud zap sound, it probably needs to be charged. NEVER leave it plugged in for longer than 8 hours, doing so will shorten the life of the battery and you’ll need to recharge it more frequently.


What colors are available?

You can buy lipstick stun guns in these colors: Pink, black, red, purple and gold

Can a stun gun be used for animal or dog protection?

Most animals are afraid of the noise, so you don't even need to touch a dog with the stun gun. Just zap it in the air. Most likely the noise will scare away the animal.

So, next time you are out walking your dog and an unleashed dog runs towards you...zap the stun gun in the air...it can save you from a huge vet bill or an ER visit for a dog bite.

Question: Does the Lipstick stun gun come with a case?

Answer: No, the Lipstick stun gun doesn’t come with a case. Since it is designed to look like a tube of makeup, as opposed to an actual stun gun, the removable cap serves as the case to conceal the stun gun features.


Question: Does the Lipstick stun gun have a built in battery?

Answer: Yes, the Lipstick stun gun does have a built in rechargeable battery. The stun gun also comes with a separate charging cable that must be plugged into the bottom of the Lipstick stun gun and then plugged into an outlet.


Question: Will I be shocked if the attacker touches me when the stun gun is applied?

Answer: No, the electrical current is absorbed in the muscles and will not pass through to the user, regardless of the conditions. Even if the assailant is holding you, there is no way the current will pass to you.


Question: Are stun guns safe?

Answer: Stun guns have been proven to be safe. They cause no permanent damage to an attacker. There is no evidence that the electrical charge of the stun gun has adverse psychological or neurological effects. The effects on the heart or other major organs are very insignificant. Stun guns will not permanently injure or kill anyone because of the voltage. One amp will kill a person. Most stun guns deliver only 3 milliamps, sometimes more (the Lipstick stun gun delivers 4.2 milliamps). That is far below the amperage that could do any permanent damage to an individual.


Question: What difference does the voltage make?

Answer: Generally, the higher the voltage, the quicker the full effect of the stun gun, thus more effective. Besides voltage, the delivery method and the amperage of the charge are also important. A lower voltage stun gun with a better method of delivery may be more effective than the stun gun with higher voltage.


Question: Can a stun gun be fired more than one time?

Answer: Yes, a stun gun can be used many times to ward off attackers before the battery needs recharging or replacement.


Question: Does the Lipstick stun gun have a safety switch?

Answer: No, the Lipstick stun has two buttons that can be seen once the cap is removed—a red button and a green button. The red button will activate the “stun” feature; the green button will activate the LED flashlight feature.


Question: Who should buy a stun gun?

Answer: Everyone who desires to be prepared for when the unthinkable and unexpected happens.  Young adult women and men,  joggers, hikers, bikers (both the cyclists and Harley Davidson type), college students, parents, outdoors enthusiasts, pet owners who like to walk their pets, mothers and fathers with young or college-age children, seniors, and everyone who thinks ahead. They also make great gifts!


Question: Are stun guns effective?

Answer: Stun guns are very effective tools for self-defense.  A stun gun has two electrodes at the end of the device--by placing the electrodes up against an attacker’s neck, hands, arms, groin or stomach and pulling the trigger will result in an electrical current passing from the electrodes through the attacker’s clothes into his body. The pulsed current causes muscles to work ultra-fast, depleting them of required blood sugars. It also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control muscle movement--basically temporarily turning the muscles into "mush."  The results are disorientation and loss of balance--loss of ability to walk or use his arms--in most cases falling to the ground and unable to get up for several minutes. The entire process takes only a few seconds and is very painful. The amount of time a person can be disabled often varies, though stun guns have been known to be capable of disabling a person for up to 30 minutes.