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Question: Do any of the stun guns come with holsters?

Answer: Yes, all of the stun guns come with nylon holsters. There are also leather holsters for the Li’L Guy stun gun and the Runt stun gun, which come in a number of different colors.


Question: What ways can I carry a stun gun?

Answer: Storing your stun gun on a holster is especially convenient, as the holster can be attached to one’s belt, making it easily accessible.


Question: General information about stun guns?

Answer: Stun guns are very basic. There are many different types of stun guns and they come in many shapes and sizes. However, they all use a 9 volt battery or are rechargeable and have the same capabilities to send 3 milliamps into the body and disrupt the neurotransmitters being sent from the brain. The body will be temporarily disabled for a short period of time. Keep in mind that when stun guns are used they have to be touching the assailant. They are very effective in disabling a person and temporarily paralyzing them. You cannot kill someone when you use your stun gun on them. Also, the voltage going into the attacker’s body will NOT pass back to you even if you are touching the attacker.


Question: What difference does the voltage make?

Answer: In a stun gun, the higher the voltage, the more powerful the shock and the quicker the attacker is immobilized. The higher the voltage, the less time you have to contact the assailant to immobilize them.


Question: Will a stun gun kill someone?

Answer: A stun gun is a non-lethal device that will not cause permanent damage. When used, a stun gun is not electrocuting a person--the voltage produced is causing a physical reaction and chemical reactions in the body which includes the rapid dump of lactic acid into the muscles creating an extreme state of cramping that can last for anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour.


Question: Are there any permanent effects of stun guns?

Answer: Stun guns are non-lethal products and are designed not to cause any long term damage. Although there may be secondary factors of someone being shocked and falling to the ground and having secondarily related injuries.


Question: What are the differences between stun guns and tasers?

Answer: Stun Guns are commonly miscalled "Tazers." Tasers are the projectile wires and darts that are generally used by domestic law enforcement. Tasers are now available for sale to the general public! Click on the Tasers link under our product categories. Stun Guns, traditionally and statistically, are designed for REAL LIFE ASSAULTS that happen up-close and are also designed to stop vicious animal attacks.


Question: Will the stun gun go off when it is in its holster?

Answer: As long as the switch is off (all the way down on the three-part switch), then it is very unlikely that the stun gun will go off in its holster.


Question: Why should I have a stun gun when I already have pepper spray?

Answer: Pepper spray, pre-supposes that an attacker will come from the front. In an ideal world, an attacker would give you ample warning from 15 ft. in front of you, so you can aim your pepper spray at him as he slowly walks toward you. However, this is not the way attacks occur in the real world. 95% of attacks on women happen from the side or from the back. You need something in your hand that you can use, easily, over your shoulder or by reaching behind you, if someone grabs you. Stun Guns are loud and scary, they warn people and animals to stay back, they draw attention at night, and they make you look aggressive. Pepper spray does none of these things. Also, pepper spray has an expiration date.

Finally, just because you have one self-defense weapon does not mean you are not allowed to expand your “arsenal,” as there may be some situations that a stun gun may be better suited for than pepper spray, and vice versa.