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Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones With A Stun Gun!

Attacks Can Happen When You Least Expect It!

Watch this guy protect himself and his property from an attacker in a parking garage!

 Question: Do stun guns have some type of security so it does not accidentally discharge?

Answer: Yes, the majority of our stun gun models have a three part switch to prevent accidental discharge (off, LED flashlight, and stun), and the switch needs to be put to the “stun” setting before you can discharge the stun gun. The way this switch works is quite simple:
*When the switch is turned all the way down the stun gun is inoperable.
*When the switch is turned to the middle the stun gun is an LED flashlight.
* When the switch is turned all the way up the stun gun is ready to use. (For models such as the Runt, the Trigger, and the Li’L Guy, etc., a bright red light will turn on, indicating that the “stun” is ready to activate.)

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Question: What is the range for stun guns? (How close does the target need to be to hit it?)

 Answer: Unlike tasers, stun guns do not shoot out wire projectiles. The metal prods have to come in contact with the assailant. In most cases, the assailant will come in range for you; according to some of our past customers, even just the sound of the stun gun being set off will deter the assailant.


Question: Does the case keep the stun gun from turning on, or is it just to store and carry in?

 Answer: The case provided with the majority of our stun guns serves primarily as a convenient way to store and carry the stun gun, as it is able to be attached to one’s belt.


Question: How long should the stun gun be discharged when being used on an assailant?

 Answer: Generally, 3-5 seconds of discharge is the recommended amount of time for effective use.


 Question: How does the stun gun charge?

 Answer: Typically, the stun gun will have a built in charger that can slide out and then be plugged into an outlet. Other stun gun models, such as the lipstick stun gun, will have a separate charger that must be plugged into the stun gun as well as into an outlet.


Question: How often does the stun gun need to be charged?

Answer: Each stun gun comes with a slight charge as well as its own instruction manual, which will provide information regarding this subject. Though the majority of the manuals will advise one to charge the stun gun once a month, never more than 8 hours. As said previously, however, check with the provided instruction manual before charging one’s stun gun, since it often varies from model to model.


Question:  What areas of the assailant’s body should be targeted when using the stun gun?

 Answer: Stun guns can go through clothing and still be effective, though if possible, one should still target bare skin. Any bare skin that the stun gun comes into contact with will be effective, though the stomach, neck, chest, and face are particularly vulnerable.


Question: I’m looking for a stun gun to take with me when I go jogging since I’m worried about wild and/or stray dog attacks. Do stun guns work on wild and/or stray dogs?

 Answer: Yes, stun guns are quite effective when it comes to warding off wild and/or stray dogs; in fact, simply the sound of the stun gun being set off is usually enough to scare the dog away.


Question: Do any of these stun guns have a warranty?

 Answer: Yes, all of our stun guns come with a lifetime warranty.


Question: Are stun guns heavy and difficult to conceal?

Answer: While some stun guns may be a bit heavier (such as the Mobile Flashlight stun gun), our smaller stun guns (such as the Runt and the Li'L Guy) are quite a lot lighter than they look! Additionally, since these stun guns were specifically made to be portable, they are pretty easy to conceal--you can carry it in your pocket, on your belt, in your bag, etc. Oftentimes, just holding the stun gun is enough to obscure it from view!


Question: Can stun guns be overcharged?

Answer: Yes, the battery of the stun gun can be burned out if it is overcharged. The instruction manual will indicate how long the specific stun gun model should be charged for. Most stun guns should be charged once a month for no more than 8 hours.


Question: How should I carry my stun gun?

 Answer: The stun gun should certainly be carried in a place that is immediately accessible, as in the event that an assailant attacks you, there will be a limited amount of time to use the stun gun. This means that the stun gun should not be at the bottom of your bag, or anywhere else that may take some time to get the stun gun out. As such, the stun gun should be kept at the top of your bag. For optimum use, have the stun gun in your hand ready to go when you are leaving an establishment and walking to your car (either concealed in your pocket or simply in your hand, as many stun guns are small enough to be hidden in the palm of the hand), this way you can quickly react if an assailant approaches you.


 Are you looking for a Reliable, Effective and Affordable Stun Gun?

We are an expert in stun gun operations and sell quality reliable products.

A stun gun is an electric device that delivers a high voltage jolt of electricity to an attacker. The higher the voltage, the faster that current will go into the assailant’s body to stop them in their tracks so you could escape a dangerous situation.

Stun guns are ‘non-lethal’ and ‘inexpensive’. No special training or ammunition is required to use.

When the stun feature is activated, you can see a white arc of hot electricity. When this ‘arc’ comes in contact with an attacker, it delivers a painful shock which can immobilize the attacker.

Pending the length of ‘the stun/contact with skin’, their ‘brain’ works, but their ‘muscles’ won’t, giving you time to escape. Stun Guns are affordable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, voltage and features.

Most stun guns are a combination of a both a flashlight and a stun gun. Protect Yourself and Defend Yourself with a Stun Gun!