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Small Stun Guns

These Small Stun Guns may look tiny, but they are some of the most powerful stun guns available. Ranging from 3 million to 20 million volts, some are blinged out with sparkles, all fit easily in a small hand making these some of the best stun guns for Women.


What is the Best Small Stun Gun?

The best small stun gun depends on a few factors. 

Where do you plan to take it?  Will you be using it when you walk to your car after work?  Or when you are jogging?  Do you ride a public transportation?  Does your job shift end late at night?  What about when you are walking out of the mall with packages, could you be a target for an attacker?  Do stray dogs run at you and/or your dog?  (Most dogs are afraid of the noise of the stun feature.  It could save you from a dog attack, vet bill or dog bite!)  

What features do you want it to have?  A flashlight?  Or a disable pin so that if the stun gun is taking from you, the attacker can not use it against you as the disable pin which is attached to a strap around your wrist came out when they grabbed the stun gun.  Possibly you may not want to be concern with the disable strap and just want the best small stun gun for you to be the strongest stun gun on the market.

What shape or look do you want your stun gun to have? 

It’s really a personal choice as to which is the best small stun gun for you.

 A few popular models are the Runt, Lil Guy and Lipstick Stun Guns.

The main goal in choosing the best small stun gun for you should be to increase your personal safety!

The main factor we have found that people want in their small stun gun is to have one that can be easily concealed in the palm of their hand.

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