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Personal Alarms

A Loud Noise Can Draw Attention and Save Your Life!

Our personal and panic alarms are electronic devices that are the Best Personal Alarms for Women, Men, Elderly and Children. Small, lightweight, easy to carry are great for personal protection, panic and medical alarms.  The loud siren-like sound can be heard from a far distance and help you attract attention and deter assailants.

Make People Come Running to Help Rescue You

- Loudest Personal Alarms

- The Top Personal Safety Alarms

- Small Personal Alarms

- Mini Personal Alarms

- Personal Alarm for SAFETY

Our Efficient Personal Alarms our great for walking, jogging, hiking, running, biking or traveling.   


Loud personal alarms that will not take up much space make them easy to carry with you wherever you're going.  Use these tiny personal alarms to attract attention in a crisis.

It seems that more and more assaults and muggings occur at night as the years go by, but even knowing this fact can't make us delay our life routine. Many of us have jobs or classes that are at night, so knowing that there is a higher risk of danger increases our worry, but really what can we do? Not go into work? Miss class? Nobody has that kind of luxury. Responsibility is important, but so is personal safety, so that's why it is imperative to bring along a self defense device while going about your daily, or nightly, routine out in public.

A Personal Alarm can be a great way to increase your personal safety at night.

Personal Alarms are small enough to carry in the palm of your hand, and can be attached to a key chain to carry on your bag or purse.

The most popular personal alarms have a 120db-130db siren that can be activated with the pull of a chain, or the press of a button. An alarm of that level can be heard from up to 70m away, so not only will that draw attention to your situation if you're attacked, it will also catch the attacker off guard because they don't expect such a piercing sound to go off.

Personal Alarms are great for the elderly, if they fall, they can set off the alarm to draw attention to themselves. 

Personal alarms are also a good protection to use if you walk your dog, or like to jog at night. 

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