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Monkey Fist Key Chain Black

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Tied at the end of the string, inside the knot, is a metal ball making it easy to throw. These things can crack glass, metal, skulls or whatever you can throw it at. Don't let its innocent look fool you; these Public Safety Monkey Fists are always sold-out because people are arming themselves with the newest addition to the Public Safety family. The paracord is designed to be extended or shortened for your own desired length, so each Monkey Fist is customizable. And it also doubles as a survival rope in case you find yourself in need of strong and durable string.

Product Features:

• Paracord that stretches out to 8-8.5 inches

• Stainless steel ball measures out to 1 inch in diameter

• Ultra long and strong paracord that stretches out and holds tight!

• Weighs 2.9 ounces 

• Available In BlackBlueGreenRedYellow

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Question: What is at the core of the Monkey Fist key chain?

Answer: Inside the knot of the Monkey Fist key chain a small, steel ball resides. This is what provides the majority of the weigh and impact when the Monkey Fist key chain is used for self-defense.


Question: What are a few tips that can help me use the Monkey Fist key chain to its full potential?

Answer: Firstly, when using the Monkey Fist, you should be using your hip muscles to shove the steel ball forward, not just your arm muscles. This is a basic boxing technique that can also be used when throwing different objects. The point is to pivot on the leg you have in front of you, and to use it to push your hand forward by swinging your hips. In addition to this, also remember the following:

*Understand Distance - When an attacker comes at you, they're going to try to get in close.  With this key chain you're going to have some added leverage. Understand how much distance you need to make a good strike.

*Practice Your Swings - You can swing the weapon down, up, or from side to side. The most important thing to focus on is accuracy and where the ball will go if you miss.  Use swings that arc in a way that doesn't put your body at the end of a strike.

*Movement - Continue to weave and strike.  Just because you have a weapon, doesn't mean you should stand still and start flailing.


Question: Why does the Monkey Fist key chain work as a self-defense weapon?

Answer: The monkey fist knot attached at the end of a paracord ingeniously employs basic principles in physics to obtain the most force and deliver a strong throw. Since force is the result of multiplying mass and acceleration, and since the steel isn’t that heavy, you need to throw the ball very strongly, so that you can give the ball enough speed and accelerate it as fast as possible. In order to do this, Use your muscles to the max and also use more distance to create more acceleration.


Question: What exactly is a Monkey Fist key chain?

Answer: A monkey fist basically is a steel ball wrapped in thick heavy duty paracord. The best ones have a 1 inch steel ball wrapped in 550 lb tensile military grade paracord and are dual lined at the end for as much stability and strength as possible. The front end of the monkey fist (the ball) is called a monkey fist knot. It’s a specific tying procedure that securely holds the steel ball in and creates a fist.


Question: What makes the Monkey Fist key chain so effective?

Answer: Upon first look, the Monkey Fist looks like a simple harmless key chain. However, in the unfortunate event that you need to defend yourself this powerful self-defense keychain will stun and maim your attacker. And how is that? Because like a monkey's fist this 550lb tensile military grade web of paracord is stuffed with the vitamins and nutrients of 1,000 bananas. And also a 1 inch-wide steel ball.

The Monkey Fist measures about 8-8.5 inches long for use at both close range and farther away than other similar self-defense tools. Its cocooned steel ball is heavy enough to incapacitate an attacker upon impact (go for the head, jugular, other vulnerable areas, etc.) but not too weighty to carry. The Monkey Fist key chain could also be unraveled for use in an emergency requiring a strong rope.


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