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Pepper Guns

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Question: Does the Mace® Pepper Gun have to exactly hit the face? In a panic it seems a very scared person would miss!!

Answer: You are correct, one could miss in a heated situation. However, there is a practice canister included in every package so you can learn how to aim, shoot and hit your target.

Plus, it’s not as difficult as a gun or taser. If you hit your attacker in the shoulder or chest area, enough of the fluid should splash to get into the face and eyes. You have more than one shot and most likely the attacker is moving closer which will make your task easier.


Question: How far does the spray of the Mace® Pepper Gun project?

Answer: 15 to 25 feet. It depends upon the temperature of the unit. In summer we have temps of 80° F and I get 25 feet shots. In winter at 30°, it is reduced to 15 feet.


Question: Is the spray a set duration or does the spray last as long as the trigger is pressed?

Answer: The Mace® Pepper Gun sprays until you release the trigger or the canister is empty.


Question: How many times can a single canister be used before it needs to be replaced?

Answer: The Mace® Pepper Gun contains up to 7 25 foot blasts.


Question: Does the Mace® Pepper Gun come with laser?

Answer: No, but it does have an LED strobe flashlight in front of the trigger that aims where you point the pepper gun.


Question: Does the pepper gun come with a holster?

Answer: No, but we do carry pepper gun holsters (leather and nylon) that can be purchased separately.


Question: Do you have to have a permit to carry it with you in a purse?

Answer: No, a permit is not necessary to carry a pepper gun. However, it is advised that you check your local state laws regarding pepper spray before purchasing.


Question: Does the pepper gun come included with mace cartridges or are they sold separately?

Answer: It comes with 1 Mace cartridge and 1 water cartridge for practice.


Question: Is the pepper spray clear or is it colored?

Answer: No, the spray is clear but may vary with product and lot number in the future, such as UV dye, but the spray is clear, and VERY potent.


Question: What is the OC percentage of the pepper gun cartridge?

Answer: It contains 10% OC.


Question: How big is the pepper gun? What are the dimensions? (LxWxH in inches)

Answer: Approximately 6" long by 4" tall by 1" thick.


Question: How does the pepper gun work?

Answer: You load the pepper can. You pull the trigger and it shoots pepper liquid up to 25 feet. When not in use, it does have a safety lock. It comes with a practice can with water so you can have your first practice shots.


Question: What is the expiration date of the Mace pepper spray canister?

Answer: Typically, pepper spray has a two year shelf life. However, the expiration date may vary, and the expiration date is also usually stamped on the model.


Question: Can you buy refills of the pepper spray canisters for the pepper gun?

Answer: Yes, you can, and we do sell them!


Question: How many grams is the OC canister of the Mace pepper gun?

Answer: The Mace pepper gun comes with a 28 gram OC canister.


Question: Does the pepper gun come with batteries for the LED flashlight?

Answer: Yes, when you purchase the Mace® Pepper Gun, it does include batteries for the LED strobe flashlight.


Question: How does the LED flashlight work?

Answer: The LED strobe flashlight is activated when you press down on the trigger; not only does it assist you in aiming accurately, it also disorients the assailant’s vision.


Question: Is the pepper gun made of plastic or metal?

Answer: The Mace® Pepper Gun is made of high impact plastic, so it is very sturdy and durable.


Question: Does the pepper gun have a safety feature or lock on it?

Answer: Yes, the pepper gun does have a safety, not unlike a gun.


Question: Can it get into your own eyes while firing. Does one need any protection for covering your face?

Answer: No, the item shoots in a stream it does not disperse into the air like a fog. It was designed to hit a separate target in the face/eyes.


Question: Does the pepper gun make any type of noise?

Answer: No, the pepper gun simply contains pressurized liquid.


Question: Does the pepper gun have one single blast or could you get several controlled blasts?

Answer: You get several blasts with the pepper gun.


Question: What is the purpose of the LED light?

Answer: It may illuminate your target if you are in a dimly lit area. It can focus your attacker's attention for a moment allowing you to hit your target's face more certainly. It can be used in a non-defensive time to light your way and be safe at the same time.


Question: is the pepper gun bulky and hard to conceal?

Answer: No, the pepper gun is fairly small, so it is not at all hard to conceal.


Question: The "strobe" of the pepper gun -is it a separate switch/button, or is it combined in a 1 -2 sequence Trigger Pull?

Answer: The LED strobe light is part of the trigger. Half pull triggers the LED light, full pull shoots the pepper spray.

Question: Should I hold the pepper gun with one or two hands?

Answer: Completely up to you; it depends on preference as well as physical strength. Generally, you can use one or two hands.

Question: Does the pepper gun dispense a spray or a stream?

Answer: It is a stream that travels 15 to 25 feet. It is very effective is a sweeping motion is used for multiple targets.


Question: Can I leave my pepper gun in a vehicle that will get as cold as -20 degrees and as high as 130 degrees?

Answer: As with most OC spray, it’s not advised to leave it in the car. The canister may burst due to high temperatures, and it may potentially freeze in low temperatures.