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Mace Police Strength Sprays

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Question: Is the Mace Police Model “triple action” (with tear gas, OC pepper, and UV dye) or not?

Answer: Yes, Mace® Police Model has all three (OC pepper, tear gas, and UV dye).


Question: How many ounces does the Mace® Police Model hold?

Answer: 18 grams, which sprays at a range of 8-12 feet.


Question: What is the UV dye for?

Answer: The best feature of Mace Police Strength Pepper Sprays is that they contain UV dye—this means that if ever used on an assailant, the UV dye will mark the assailant in such a way that they will be far easier to identify via police, when they are taken into custody.


Question: How should I carry my Police Strength Pepper Spray?

Answer: Both Police Strength Pepper Spray models include a belt clip and a key chain, so it all comes down to preference and easy accessibility regarding how you choose to carry your pepper spray.


Question: Do either of these pepper spray models have a safety feature?

Answer: Yes, both Police Strength Pepper Spray models include a flip-top safety cap, which is designed to prevent accidental discharge. If you’re concerned with your pepper spray going off by accident, either of these pepper spray models would be a great fit for you!


Question: Can these pepper sprays be sprayed more than one time?

Answer: Yes, both Police Strength Pepper Spray models can be sprayed 10 times, so be sure to regard it as a self-defense weapon and use it wisely!


Question: How do I know if this model of pepper spray is legal in my state?

Answer: Certain states do have restrictions regarding pepper spray, so we highly recommend that you check your local state laws and regulations before purchasing a self-defense weapon such as pepper spray.


Question: What happens when the pepper spray expires? Does it become useless?

Answer: Pepper spray is pressurized, and eventually it'll lose that pressure, even if you don't use it. It won't turn immediately useless, but it's inexpensive enough that it won't break the bank to replace. Several pepper spray models also have the expiration date printed on the container. Just to be safe, we recommend that you replace your pepper spray every two years.


Question: Can pepper spray be stored away in a glove department in a car?

Answer: We advise that you do not store it in your car, as it might get too hot (above 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and leak or explode. Also, it should considered that if you are in a situation that warrants the use of pepper spray, you more than likely won’t have time to dig it out of the glove box. We suggest keeping it close on your person—either in your pocket, purse/bag or on your keys.


Question: Is pepper spray inclined to cross contaminate if used inside a vehicle?

Answer: Pepper spray, if possible, should not be used in a closed environment, as pepper spray permeates the air in a hurry. The quickest way to clear a car (or a room), is to spray this stuff into the air. Only as a last resort if you’re in a car, otherwise that would be like spraying yourself too. The pepper spray will make you choke, gag in addition to making your eyes water in a closed environment. Be careful and aware of your surroundings if/when you decide to use your pepper spray!


Question: Do I need to aim well... or does pepper spray spray everywhere in front of it?

Answer: You do need to aim well, you don't want something that "sprays everywhere" because there is a great chance that you will continue to be the victim when the mist hits you instead of the intended target. It is highly recommended that you aim for the face and eyes. If you’re nervous about not being to aim well in a dangerous situation, it may help to do some target practice (either in self-defense classes or in a safe area at home with the appropriate precautions).


Question: what happens if the attacker is wearing glasses? Does the pepper spray still work if you aim for mouth or other part of the body?

Answer: It has been my experience that if a person wearing sunglasses is hit in the glasses with pepper spray, the area around the sunglasses is still affected by the spray. Pepper spray is made to affect the nose, eyes, open mouth area, which are your primary target areas.


Question: How old do you have to be to legally carry pepper spray?

Answer: The age restrictions may vary according to state, but typically the minimum age requirement to purchase and carry pepper spray is 18 years old.


Question: Is pepper spray refillable?

Answer: Yes, but with a new insert.


Question: Does pepper spray cause pain to the eyes? I’d rather the attacker be busy with pain.

Answer: Yes, the "Involuntary closing of the eyes" is due to pain induced by strong pepper extracts. Pepper spray will cause nasty pain to nasal and breathing passages if inhaled, so avoid "testing" this indoors or against the wind.


Question: How far does Mace Police Strength Pepper Spray shoot?

Answer: Both models have a range of 8-12 feet, depending on weather conditions. If windy, it is not recommended that you use your pepper spray unless it is your only option, as you’re in danger of the pepper spray blowing back at you.


Question:  do you need a license to order pepper spray?

Answer: No license required, but there are areas of restrictions regarding pepper spray. We encourage you to reference your local laws and if you are not affected proceed with placing an order.


Question: Is pepper spray child-proof?

Answer: Pepper spray is not child-proof, and as with any other weapon of self-defense, we strongly recommend that you are mindful of where you store it, especially if there are children present.


Question: Can I spray my food with pepper spray?

Answer: Not recommended. The chemicals used to keep the pepper in suspension are not edible, like cleaning fluid.