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Dummy Cameras

Setting up surveillance cameras around your workplace or office works as a great deterrent to thieves and harassment. People are far less likely to make a scene if there are cameras around, and people looking to steal are definitely not going to want to target a place that has a several cameras watching their every move.

Dummy cameras only look like cameras, but don't function as one.

Best Fake Security Cameras and Dummy Cameras!

It is near impossible to tell the difference between a dummy camera and a real camera. They are extremely inexpensive and help add to the intimidating/deterring effect of having a large amount of cameras in your home or workplace, the more cameras you have, the less likely a thief is going to want to steal from there.

Having a few signs warning everyone that they are currently being watched by a camera will also heavily reduce the likelihood of shoplifting and theft.

Fake/Dummy Cameras are great for Home or Business.

Less expensive than a real camera - Affordable

A Fake/Dummy Security Camera is better than not having a security camera.

Most people can’t see the difference between a real camera and a fake or dummy camera. Seeing a ‘camera’ can be all it takes to scare off a would be thief.

Variety of features and models

Realistic blinking power light

Solar powered

And more!

Purchase a Fake Security Camera today!

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