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  • Rechargeable Trigger Stun Gun 18MV Black

    The Trigger Stun Gun is available in 6 colors. Black, Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Zebra.

    Many women prefer this model over all the other models as they naturally squeeze their hand together when frightened and also do not want to worry about making sure their thumb finds the button to press for the stun feature on other models.

    With the Trigger, when in stun mode, you simply squeeze your hand, which pulls in the red color trigger releasing 18 million volts of stun power to stop an attacker in their tracks.

  • Rechargeable 18MV Trigger Stun Gun ZEBRA

    We just posted a new video to our YouTube Channel.

  • Campus Personal Safety

    Many people have begun to realize that it is imperative to be able to have a way of defending themselves when they are out and about in public. College students must be aware of of what they can do for their Personal Safety on Campus. There is no way of knowing when you will become a victim, people looking to steal or assault others on the street tend to be random and spontaneous in choosing their targets. One thing for certain is that they look for someone who is not paying attention to their surroundings, and in their eyes appears to be weak physically, that way they can overpower them. They think they'll gain the upper hand easily by taking an unsuspecting person by surprise, but you can combat this by simply being aware and prepared.

    It is important for every person to understand that no one is impervious to crime, no matter how nice of a neighborhood or town you live in.


    • Don't be distracted by your phone or anything else while you're running errands or walking in public, keep your head up and walk tall.
    • The way you carry yourself makes a difference because people looking to take attack others would rather have a victim who doesn't look like they'd fight back. If you carry yourself with confidence, you give off a vibe that you won't be taken down so easily, which will discourage anyone from choosing you as a target.
    • Also, be aware of the people around you, and keep a good hold on your belongings. If you look like you have your head up in the clouds, an attacker will zero in on that and use it to their benefit.
    • Next arm yourself with a self defense weapon of some kind, this is especially important for those who are shorter or smaller than others. There isn't much that can be done to change your physical appearance, but you can give yourself the advantage of a weapon as well as the element of surprise of you carry, let's say, a pepper spray or stun gun.
      stun gun for personal safety Runt 20MV Stun Gun
      pepper spray for personal safety Mace Pepper Spray



      • Both of these weapons are specifically designed to temporarily immobilize your attacker to give you enough time to get to safety. A spray to the eyes can give you up to 45 minutes, a shock to the soft parts of the body, such as the stomach and neck, can buy you 15 or more minutes. Neither device requires any training, only the guts to use it effectively when you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
    • It's important to remember to never stick around to find out how long your attacker will be down for after using either of the self defense weapons, the moment your weapon has hit it's mark, take that opening to run away as fast as you can, preferably to an area with lots of people around, and then call the police.

    Nobody wants to become a victim of assault or thievery, but it's a very real possibility for everyone. The best way to increase your chances of coming out of a possible attack unscathed and with all your possessions still on your person is to prepare yourself and be aware at all times. Both of these can be accomplished simply by paying attention to your surroundings and carrying a weapon for self defense on you whenever you go out in public.

  • Keep Your Daughter Safe at College

    For those of you who have daughters getting ready to go off to college, no doubt you are excited for them to start a new chapter of their life, but you are also very likely concerned for their well being and safety, seeing as they'll no longer be living under your watchful eye. These concerns are more than valid, even if a school appears to be a safe area on the surface, that doesn't mean that crimes don't happen there, or that there aren't horrible people looking to take advantage of a young woman. And as much as parents may secretly want to, they can't pack their bags and move in on campus with their kids to keep them safe, they need to be able to deal with these sort of threats on their own as they enter adulthood. Still, as parents, it is our job to guide them, so the best way to ensure your daughter's safety when she leaves for college is to prepare her with the necessary tools and security measures.

    Personal Safety Products for Your Daughter at College

    PAL-130L_a Personal Alarms

    The first item on your list should be a personal alarm. These are small hand held devices that at the press of a button will emit a piercing siren of 130 decibels that will alert any people nearby of her distress. Some personal alarms also have flashing strobe lights, which not only will disorient an attacker, but will draw more attention to her attacker.

    PS-6_e Pepper Spray

    The next item, which should be a no-brainer for any young woman, is pepper spray. Ideally, get one that is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, or if you want to go smaller, there are also pepper spray key chains. Pepper spray requires no formal training, only the guts to use it accordingly when it comes down to it. One spray in the face of an attacker will have them tearing up, coughing, choking, and wheezing involuntarily due to the highly concentrated pepper solution. Along with that effect is also an intense and painful burning sensation, swelling of the throat and nose, making it very difficult to breathe, as well as temporary blindness, because they won't be able to open their eyes without getting more of the pepper solution in them. All of these effects last up to nearly an hour, giving your daughter plenty of time to get to a safe location where she can contact the police. Pepper spray can deter a physical assault from devolving into something horrific and traumatizing, so pepper spray should be in your daughter's possession at all times while she's on campus.

    Lastly, one of the best tools you can arm your daughter with is awareness and caution. It's important that your daughter isn't naive and overly trusting when she goes off to live on her own, because these types of women are always the first to be targeted by a person with malicious intent. Make sure she understands to be on her guard when she's in public, to never travel alone if she can help it, and to always have her pepper spray at the ready when she's walking to and from class, because that is unfortunately the most common time that female students are assaulted on campus.
    Instill this knowledge in her, and arm with the previously mentioned tools, and your daughter will be able to protect herself accordingly. Which should help ease your worry at least a little bit. You wouldn't be a parent if you weren't always concerned for the well being of your baby, no matter how old they get!
  • Buy Pepper Spray for Protection

    Buy Pepper Spray for Protection Buy Pepper Spray for Protection

    Out of all the self defense products available today, pepper spray is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well known. Just saying the word "pepper spray" conjures up the image of people writhing in pain after being sprayed in the face. Pepper spray is definitely a very effective tool for defense, but it's important to remember that they're meant to be used to buy you enough time to get to safety, and also should not be the only self defense weapon on your person.

    Pepper spray is a weapon that should compliment other tools in your arsenal. That's not to say that pepper spray isn't a powerful protection weapon in itself, with a well aimed spray to the face of an attacker, the effects are instantaneous. Their eyes will be forced shut due to the sheer pain, to a point where they're temporarily blind, the swelling of the throat and nostrils also make it extremely difficult to breathe. These effects can last up to 45 minutes, so despite pepper spray's small size, pepper spray is no slouch in it's effectiveness. But it is still best to carry another self defense weapon with you in public, such as a stun gun, just in case.

    With all that said, here are a few things worth knowing when purchasing pepper spray. First of all, pepper spray requires no formal training. They are designed to be easy to use, all you need to be able to do is aim accordingly, as well as have the guts to actually use your pepper spray when you're in a dangerous situation. It doesn't hurt to practice drawing your pepper spray so it becomes second nature to reach for your pepper spray if you're ever caught off guard when met with a threat in public. You can't afford to have a slow reaction time in those situations, so though you don't need any training to use pepper spray, it is still very wise to practice drawing and aiming your pepper spray every now and then. Also, pepper sprays are very affordable, even the most popular brands are less than twenty bucks more often than not. Compared to other tools for self defense, pepper spray is easily replaceable. Pepper spray also comes in a variety of sizes, from ones small enough to carry on a key chain, to ones as big as a plastic water bottle.

    The smaller the pepper spray it is, the easier to conceal, so for those wanting the element of surprise on their side, it's best opt for the smaller of the sizes. The bigger pepper sprays are great for home and car defense, so getting both isn't such a bad idea either. Depending on the size you get will determine how many shots of pepper spray are in each container, but rest assured that you don't have to worry about running out if you use your pepper spray wisely. Make sure that your pepper spray is out of reach of children, and only use your pepper spray for self defense purposes. A spray for about 2-4 seconds is all that you need to cause an attacker to lose focus and attempt to rub out the pepper spray while crying out in pain, little do they know they're only making it worse by doing so.

    Pepper spray is an excellent mode of self defense, it is highly recommended to people of all backgrounds, and it doesn't hurt that they also make a great gifts!

  • Tips for Apartment Security

    door stop Door Stop Alarm

    Watching the news and hearing about all these homes being broken into can definitely cause a person to be come paranoid about the level of home security they currently have. Especially for those who live in an apartment, there's no way of knowing what type of people live in your apartment building, and seeing as you live in an apartment, you're a bit limited when it comes to reinforcing the security of your home. For those of you who live in an apartment, here are a few tips for apartment security that will help increase your home security and keep you and your family safe from any burglars or thieves who might be taking up residence in your building.

    First and foremost, always be diligent in locking up your house when you leave, and even when you're still home. When you're living in such close quarters with strangers, you have to be extra careful.
    Also, it is a very good idea to change the locks upon moving in, it's a possibility that the former tenants of the apartment still have ways of accessing the old locks, so you really shouldn't take any chances with allowing them the opportunity to take your possessions.

    Another great way to ensure your home and apartment security is with the use of wireless alarms. They're very popular nowadays, especially with apartment residents, because they're easy to install, are wireless, and usually aren't that expensive. There are wireless alarms specifically made for windows and doors, such as a door brace, or a window breakage alarm. Seeing as there is usually a very small number of windows and one door for each apartment, you can stock up and increase the fortitude of each entrance to your home without putting a dent in your wallet.

    Check out our selection of home security devices at our online store under Home Protection for more information. In addition to that, consider using diversion safes to store your valuables in, such as jewelry or cash. Diversion safes can look like canned foods, cleaning supplies, books, you name it. So they excel at blending in with the environment of your apartment, and won't draw any attention as long as you store the in the area that the item it is disguised as would be stored. Diversion safes are fairly inexpensive as well, most can be found for under 20 bucks.
    Lastly, it doesn't hurt to befriend your neighbors. Just as you would go next door to borrow a cup of sugar, you can also benefit  the home security of your apartment. If you're on good terms with your neighbors, if they see or hear anyone suspicious hanging around your apartment while you're out, they're the ones to bank on calling the police immediately, instead of you calling the police after coming home to your ransacked apartment.
    Living in an apartment unfortunately restricts you from taking certain precautions in keeping your home safe from criminals, but these tips are sure to help you out in moving around those restrictions.
  • Keychain Pepper Spray

    D-FASH-MIXED Keychain Pepper Spray

    Due to the consistent rise in physical and sexual assaults on the streets, people have been especially serious about gathering self defense techniques and strategies in order to protect themselves against assault. And they're right in taking the initiative, your personal safety is no matter to be taken lightly. Anyone can become a victim of a crime, there is no way to tell when, where, and who will be targeted, so it's up to you to take the necessary precautions just in case. One such precaution that is affordable and easy to use is pepper spray. Specifically keychain pepper spray.

    The best thing about keychain pepper spray can be found in their namesake, they are small enough to carry on the end of a keychain. Considered one of the most discrete and concealable of all pepper spray designs, they are meant to be connected with the key chain used for your car keys. Due to their small size, there is never a reason to worry about carrying your pepper spray in your hand being conspicuous, to the average passerby it will only look like you're carrying your keys, which everyone is known to do at some point. Your reaction time to an attacker will be a lot faster if you already have your pepper spray in your hand, as opposed to reaching into your bag or pocket to grab your pepper spray, which gives the attacker time to notice what you're doing.

    Even better is that though keychain pepper spray  are small, that certainly doesn't mean it is any less powerful or effective. Keychain pepper spray still causes a person to experience an intense burning sensation, coughing, choking, swelling of the throat and nostrils, tearing up of the eyes, as well as difficulty breathing, and temporary blindness. And let's not forget the severe pain. As with other pepper sprays, the effects of keychain pepper spray lasts up to an hour, giving you more than enough time to get away from your attacker. The only difference is that keychain pepper spray is a lot smaller, which in this case is most definitely an advantage.
    They come in handy and require absolutely no training, only the resolve to use them when it all comes down to it. Keychain pepper spray can be your best friend when it comes to dangerous situations, whether it be while you're at the ATM, leaving the supermarket, walking to and from class, these are all places where someone could try to attack you, but if you have a self defense weapon like keychain pepper spray on you, you will have the ability to defend yourself accordingly.
    Just remember to aim for the face and eyes with your pepper spray, and to immediately run away as fast as you can the moment your attacker is distracted. Keychain pepper sprays are small, but don't underestimate them, they will definitely get the job done.
  • Stop Home Intruders

    One of the worst fears home owners have is undoubtedly their home being broken into. What can you do so stop home intruders? For the more cautious home owner, there are no lengths they won't go to to increase and ensure the security of their home. In order to keep yourself and your family safe, one of your first priorities is making sure your living space is safe from intruders, whether they be looking to burglarize or do something even more malicious to you and your loved ones. One such way in reinforcing the security of your home is through your door security, for what better way of keeping intruders out than by ensuring that they can't even get through the entrance? Doing this can be as easily as installing extra locks or alarms, or even swapping out your door for a stronger one if it is unfortunately of the flimsy and weak variety.

    door stop stop intruders with a door stop

    Another way to alert you to an intruder is to use a door stop alarm. You place it on the inside of the door, should someone try to open the door, a loud 120dB alarm will sound. This is a great product to use for your front door of for your bedroom door (should you be sharing your living space with others and do not want to have someone come into your room without your permission or knowledge. This type of protection is for when you are inside your house or room.

    Door chains are also exponentially helpful when it comes to door security, though they aren't designed to keep an intruder out, they allow the homeowner to open the door just enough to see who it is, and if this is someone they want coming into their home. This an be especially beneficial, that way you aren't straining to look through the window upstairs to see who's there. It's important to remember that a door chain may be easy to break depending on the strength of the material they're made with, so keep that in mind if you plan on installing them.
    One other such way of being able to see who's at your door without worrying about them barging in is through a door viewer. Like door chains, these are designed to give you the opportunity to see who's there, and confirming who they say they are and what not.
    You can also add HD cameras that make it so you can see your door step from within the comforts of your home. What's more is you don't even have to make your presence known, but remember that they should be installed in a place where it is only able to be viewed by you and other family members.
    A little extra preparation can go a long way when it comes to making your home safer, and if you're looking to prevent an intruder form being able to get into your home, one of the first areas that should be getting your attention is your front door.
  • Is Bear Spray Effective?

    BR-9_b Guard Alaska Bear Spray
    80346_b Mace Bear Spray

    Is Bear Spray Effective, yes, if used properly bear spray is effective. A shot to the face is the best place to aim. It will effect the bears eyes and nose, and can cause temporary blindness and breathing difficulty giving you time to get away to safety. Bear spray is non-lethal, the effects of it will wear off.

    Do remember that wind, rain and distance can and will impact the effectiveness of powerful bear spray.

    You can buy bear spray online. We have a variety of brands and sizes available to fit your needs.

    Backpackers, joggers, campers, people that live or are visiting bear country should carry bear spray for self defense. Don't wait till you are at that location to purchase some. Plan ahead and be prepared for the unexpected.

    Is Bear Spray Effective? YES and it's non-lethal. Buy bear spray online today.

  • Stone Diversion Safe

    Nowadays, it's always a good idea to have a spare key just in case you ever need someone to have access to your house while you're away, or you lose your original pair of keys and find yourself locked out of your own house. However, many people are hesitant to put out spare keys in fear of unintentionally giving a burglar the key to their home. These fears are valid, but the reason why a burglar gets a hold of the spare key in the first place is because the hiding place is easy to find. Many people put spare keys under the door mat, under any stone statues near the door, or on top of the door. These are the first places anyone would look if they're trying to find the spare key, keep that in mind. In order to confuse a burglar and keep them from finding your spare key is through the use of a diversion safe, specifically the stone diversion safe.

    Appearing to be a stone, this rock hide a key safe is perfect for hiding keys outside. In order to make use of it effectively, never put the stone right by the door. You might as well be telling the burglar where you're hiding your key if you do that. Always place the stone diversion safe around other stones, it's also a very good idea to hid it under bushes if you have any shrubbery in your front yard. Don't hide it too well though, you don't want to end up forgetting where you put it! Another plus that comes with the stone diversion safe is the fact that it is very durable and does well against harsh weather conditions, so there's no need to worry about it wearing down and becoming obvious that it's not an actual rock.

    Spare keys are necessary to have, and can be quite beneficial at the most unexpected times, but in order for it to not be used against you, you need to have an efficient and effective key hider, which you can definitely find in the stone diversion safe.

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