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Question: Does pepper spray come with a holster?

Answer: The majority of key chain pepper sprays come with a holster, but the larger canister sizes may not, which is why we also carry pepper spray holsters. The pepper spray holsters we carry come in leatherette or nylon w/Velcro.


Question: Why would I need a holster for my pepper spray?

Answer: While it is immensely important that one has a strong and effective pepper spray, it is arguably just as important to be able to quickly access that pepper spray during emergencies. Pepper spray is only effective if it can be easily accessed and deployed. As such, carrying your pepper spray in a holster can be especially convenient for quick access. Also, it is also advisable to keep your pepper spray in a holster to reduce the possibility of it accidentally being sprayed, as well as to keep it away from children. Having pepper spray as well as a pepper spray holster will give you the peace of mind and confidence you want, enabling you to live your life freely without worrying about potential attackers while also helping you not feel hassled and annoyed by carrying a can everywhere.


Question: Do you have pepper spray holsters for bear spray?

Answer: Yes, we carry a bear spray holster that will fit either Guard Alaska® Bear Spray or Bear Pepper Mace® Spray. It can be easily attached to one’s belt for easy access, this way your bear spray will be readily available whenever you need it!


Question: Other than carrying my pepper spray, what else are pepper spray holsters for?

Answer: Pepper spray holsters are great for preventing your pepper spray from accidentally firing, particularly while you are carrying it in a purse, bag, pocket, etc. It also can’t be stressed enough that they make your pepper spray more conveniently accessibly, especially if you decide to carry it on a key chain or on your belt. Finally, holsters provide a safety barrier between the pepper spray and other people, such as children.


Question: How do I know which holster my pepper spray will fit in?

Answer: The specific size canister the holster is meant for will either be indicated by the amount of ounces your pepper spray carries (ex: 2 OZ or 4 OZ), or the particular brand of pepper spray (ex: the two bear spray models).


Question: Which is a better pepper spray holster—leatherette or nylon?

Answer: It’s entirely up to you, as whether someone chooses the leatherette pepper spray holster or the nylon pepper spray holster usually comes down to preference.


Question: Where should I carry my pepper spray?

Answer: This is dependent on which size of pepper spray you choose; if you decide to get key chain pepper spray, it is definitely best to carry it on a key chain, particularly with your keys so it is more easily accessible. If you get a larger size of pepper spray, we recommend that you carry it either on your belt in a pepper spray holster, or at the top of your bag so it is also more easily accessible. Seeing as every single second counts when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, if you decide to carry your pepper spray in a bag, always make sure you are able to quickly access it (keep it at the top, not at the bottom of your bag)--You do not want to be caught fiddling around in your purse or looking through a backpack.


Question: Is there anything I should know regarding the storage of pepper spray?

Answer: It’s important you properly store your pepper spray at room temperature. It should be kept away from children and not left in a car during high temperatures (it can leak).  Extreme hot and cold should be avoided and can cause the product to leak or work less effectively.  We recommend not leaving pepper spray in your car due to the extreme temperatures a car’s interior can reach. When you leave the car the best place for your pepper spray is WITH YOU! Keeping pepper spray on a key chain or a belt holster is a good way to ensure that it will always been in proper storing temperatures (not left in the car). The best way to store your spray is in an easy to reach location you can quickly get to in case of emergency. For example, if you jog alone you might want to carry it in your hand as you’re jogging.  

Remember, even if you don’t use your pepper spray it’s a good idea to replace it every 12-18 months. If you’re testing it regularly you may need to replace it even more often. Often this may mean throwing away non-empty canisters. But, don’t get discouraged. It’s a good thing if you aren’t using it and tend to throw away unused canisters. That means you’re staying safe!