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Question: What would I need practice pepper spray for?

Answer: When people purchase pepper spray, most of the time, they are not entirely familiar with wielding it. As such, they want to practice using their pepper spray so that they will be prepared if they ever are in a situation that warrants its use. However, by doing this, one may end up using up their pepper spray during practice, leading them to have to purchase another canister of pepper spray. This is where practice pepper spray comes in.

Practice pepper spray functions just like real pepper spray (how it actuates, the method in which it sprays, as well as how far it will spray), the only difference is that practice pepper spray contains pressurized nitrogen and water. However, while this mixture will certainly not hurt to the extent that real pepper spray will, it is still highly advised that one is careful when using practice pepper spray, as the nitrogen can cause mild irritation/burning if it is sprayed in the eyes.

Practice pepper spray is especially beneficial for those who aren’t yet confident in their ability to carry and wield pepper spray, so this is why we recommend that when you choose your pepper spray, you pair it with practice pepper spray. This way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with how to use pepper spray to the point that you will have the utmost confidence when carrying it as your personal self-defense weapon!


Question: Can I use practice pepper spray to practice aiming?

Answer: Most definitely! One of the best things about practice pepper spray is that it gives you the advantage of being able to practice aiming and shooting pepper spray at targets. The more you practice, the more your practice will pay off, as it will become second nature to aim and shoot your pepper spray at the desired target of the attacker (the face and eyes).


Question: What does practice pepper spray contain?

Answer: Practice pepper spray was specifically formulated not to contain a pepper irritant; instead, practice pepper spray contains a mixture of water and pressurized nitrogen.


Question: When should I use practice pepper spray?

Answer: Practice pepper spray is ideal for use in self-defense classes or in the safety of one’s home, preferably outdoors.


Question: Is there any precautions I should take when using practice pepper spray?

Answer: Due to the fact that the nitrogen mixture can cause some irritation/burning if it gets in the eyes, it is suggested that you or anyone else involved wear protective eyewear, to rule out the possibility of someone accidentally getting hurt while training.


Question: What forms does practice pepper spray come in?

Answer: Practice pepper spray comes in two forms—Fogger and Stream. Be sure to get the model that matches the real pepper spray you plan on using.


Question: What sizes does practice pepper spray come in?

Answer: Practice pepper comes in two sizes—2 ounces and ½ ounces.


Question: Does practice pepper spray make a good gift?

Answer: Definitely! Pair it with the real pepper spray of your choosing, and the recipient will certainly appreciate that you have their safety in mind and also want to maximize their safety; meaning that you want them to be able to efficiently wield the pepper spray so they will be ready if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation. Not to mention that they won’t waste their real pepper spray when practicing, so they will have a full canister ready to go!


Question: How can I do target practice with practice pepper spray?

Answer: There are self-defense classes that one can attend to familiarize oneself with pepper spray. If you’re at home, first, make sure you are practicing in an area where no innocent bystanders will accidentally get sprayed while you’re practicing, one such place could be your backyard. Next, get a piece of paper that mimics an actual person’s face, as you want to be able to accurately aim your pepper spray at someone’s face/eyes. Then, tack the paper target to a tree or wall (if you are shorter, then you will want it to be a higher than eye level). After that, stand upwind and simply aim and shoot at the paper target from a several feet away, so as to familiarize yourself with the range of pepper spray.


Question: Can I use practice pepper spray instead of real pepper spray on an attacker? Will it have similar effects?

Answer: We highly recommend that you do not use practice pepper spray in lieu of real pepper spray, as the effects it has on the attacker will be drastically reduced/weakened in comparison. Practice pepper spray is only meant to help you get acquainted with using pepper spray; it’s not meant to actually replace pepper spray.


Question: What is the difference between inert pepper spray and practice pepper spray?

Answer: They are actually the same thing—“inert” is simply another term for practice pepper spray.