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Pepper Gel

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Question: What exactly is pepper gel?  

Answer: The main difference between pepper gel and pepper spray is the disperse pattern--Gel Pattern disperses in a sticky gel and literally sticks like glue to an assailant’s face or body. Pepper gel tends to contain a very strong and potent pepper mixture, making it extremely painful once skin contact is made; and because it is so sticky, the more the assailant tries to rub off the pepper gel, the harder it is to remove. Also, because pepper gel is so much heavier than other pepper sprays, the possibility of the pepper gel being blown back at you in due to harsh/windy weather conditions is eliminated. It is definitely a very advantageous self-defense product!


Question: What is Oleoresin Capsicum?

Answer: Oleoresin Capsicum is the oil taken from the placenta near the stem of a pepper. Oleoresin Capsicum is the active ingredient used in most self-defense sprays and is the spray of choice for police since 1977.


Question: What are the effects of a quality OC pepper gel?

Answer: The effects are essentially immediate!  When a person is sprayed with OC, two things happen. First, the person's eyes clamp shut--hard! Not only that, but if they do manage to force them open they still can't see very well because the OC dilates the capillaries and causes temporary blindness. Second, an immediate fit of uncontrollable coughing doubles the person over because the OC causes instant inflammation of the breathing tissues, restricting all but life support breathing. OC has the effect of putting up a brick wall between you and the assailant. While most effects are immediate, you should always be prepared to run away from the attacker as fast as you can, as well as call for help. 


Question: How do I use my pepper gel and how long should I fire the can at the attacker?

Answer: Attempt to keep distance between you and the attacker. Aim the spray at the eyes and facial region of the threat and then release a 1 to 2 second spray. After you have done this MOVE out of the way, but keep your eyes on the threat. It is recommended that the canister be fired (repeated 1 to 2 second bursts) until the attacker is incapacitated. "Spray and Move" until the threat is eliminated. Once the attacker is stopped, escape immediately and call the police.


Question: What is the best place to use pepper gel?

Answer: because pepper gel eliminates the possibility of wind blowback, it is effective for outdoor and indoor use. Moreover, pepper gel tends to have a greater spray range than traditional pepper spray, which is a huge plus!


Question: Where should I store my pepper gel?

Answer: It’s important to always keep your pepper gel in a safe place, away from children. Children can harm themselves if they happen upon the spray and use it without proper training and help. In addition to keeping the pepper gel away from children and animals, it’s important to keep your pepper gel somewhere the temperature is moderate (room temperature). If you leave the pepper gel in your car during the summer or in other extremely warm climates, there is a good chance the seals of the can might leak. In extreme heat, pepper spray canisters can even explode.


Question: How long does pepper gel last?

Answer: Like pepper spray, pepper gel will need to be replaced regularly. Even if never used, pepper gel past its expiration date should not be used. This is primarily because the potency of the pepper fluid will be greatly reduced, potentially rendering the pepper gel ineffective. The disperse pattern may be affected as well, which can be potentially dangerous for the person using the pepper gel. As such, always be mindful of the expiration date of your pepper gel.


Question: Is pepper gel or pepper spray illegal?

Answer: If you are interested in using pepper gel or pepper spray, you should check with your local law enforcement office or your state’s Attorney General’s office. Each state has their own regulations, although most states state it is legal to possess and carry pepper gel or pepper spray. Some states have strict regulations on the size, age, or OC concentration of the pepper gel or pepper spray their residents carry.


Question: Is pepper gel a good self-defense weapon for joggers?

Answer: Yes, it is always a good idea to bring some method of self-defense, particularly if you’re an avid jogger. Pepper gel is a great way to defend oneself since it will immediately stick to the assailant upon skin contact. The more the assailant tries to get the pepper gel off, the more it will hurt and the harder it will be to get the pepper gel off. Pepper gel also has a longer range than other pepper sprays, which is ideal if you’re trying to keep as much distance between yourself and the assailant as much as possible.


Question: Will this work on individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs?

Answer: Oleoresin Capsicum will temporarily blind an attacker and restrict normal breathing. Therefore, even if the attacker is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, defense sprays using OC are capable of causing incapacitation.


Question: Does pepper gel make a good present?

Answer: Most definitely! Since pepper gel is a self-defense product, giving it to someone as a gift shows that you care for that person’s safety and you want them to be able to protect themselves as effectively as possible. Pepper gel would make a good present for anyone—any age or gender!


Question: Is the effect of pepper gel immediate, and how long will the effects last?

Answer: Normally the effects of pepper gel are almost immediate can last anywhere from 15 minutes to about 45 minutes depending on concentration, which will give you plenty of time to escape an attacker, render him/her helpless, and call the police.


Question: How do I decontaminate myself of pepper spray or pepper gel?

Answer: If you get pepper spray or pepper gel on yourself, don’t panic. Water, soap and time are all that is needed to decontaminate you. Exposure to fresh air should help, too. Remove all contaminated clothing. Flush the affected area with cool water. Warm water may intensify the burning and inflammation. Do not rub your face! Wash the affected area with non-oil or cold cream based soap. Don’t apply oily lotions, creams, salves, or oils–they will trap OC resin onto your skin. Have a physician examine the exposed area if any irritation or pain persists after the decontamination procedures.