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Animal Repellents


Does Animal Repellent Work?  YES, it could save your life!

Do you go camping or backpacking?  One of the main reasons people go camping and backpacking is to be out in the wild and experience the clear skies, clean air and relaxation.  But there are also bears, cougars, wolves and other wild animals that are there too and sometimes they can and will attack humans.  Maybe you've walked near a mother bears den or cubs. Maybe they are hungry and want the food in your pack? Smells attract the wild animals. Even the smell of your toothpaste can attract a wild animal to your campsite. SO, HOW ARE YOUR GOING TO PROTECT YOURSELF IF THE WILD ANIMAL ATTACKS?

Do you run or jog on a trail that could have wild animals or stray dogs? Jogging can be fun and physically beneficial to your health, but, it can also be life threatening should a wild animal attack you. WHAT DO YOU CARRY TO PROTECT YOURSELF ON THE JOGGING TRAILS?

Bear Spray is an effective deterrent for bears. One quick spray to the face can temporarily blind the bear and also cause breathing difficulties. It's a non-lethal way to protect you.

Stun Gun Hiking Staff is another great protection device to keep you safe.  The Hiking Staff is a stun gun flashlight combo. The top portion of the stick contains the stun feature and also has a built in flashlight.

Electronic Dog Repellents and Mace Dog Pepper Spray and also effective products to keep you safe.


You need to have these products with you when you are out in the wilderness and know how to use them

so, if you are attacked by an animal, you will survive.  

  • How effective would a bear spray be if it's in your backpack at your campsite and you're down at the lake swimming?  
  • How effective is a Dog Repellent if you leave it at home when you’re jogging?  
  • What good will a stun hiking stick do you if you don't keep it with you?


Buy Bear Spray.  Buy Dog Repellent.  Buy a Hike n Strike Stun Gun.

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